Oral-B 7000 BLACK

Oral-B 7000 BLACK

In order to properly convey the awesomeness of this toothbrush I have provide you with some background on my dental health.  In my twenties I didn’t go to the dentist.  I know you’re thinking everybody says that.. but I literally didn’t visit a dentist once in my twenties.  Due to my poor judgement I ended up with seven cavities, a lot of pain, and a large dental bill.  In-fact I’m pretty sure my dentist took a vacation with his whole family on my dime.

Suffice it to say a change in my brushing and flossing habits was in order!  After countless hours of research and debate I settled on this gem of a toothbrush.  You’ll find a lot of debate over the Sonicare DiamondCare vs the Oral-B 7000 black.  I was able to find clinical studies supporting either model over the other; it seems even in toothbrushes the marketing is cut-throat these days.  Okay enough about my story lets get into the highlights.

Things I love:

  • Powerful – At first it seems a bit overwhelming and you may prefer the sensitive setting but you’ll quickly become accustomed to the awesome cleaning power that only a high-end electric can provide.
  • Modes – This puppy has six different modes.  Whether it’s normal, deep cleaning, sensitive, whitening, massage, or tongue cleaning you’re sure to find a mode that suits your needs.  I primarily use the normal and sensitive modes.
  • Silicone travel case – This is the highest quality travel case I’ve ever seen for a toothbrush.  The insert is dishwasher safe which is a nice touch.  After a long trip you can let your dishwasher take care of the toothpaste gunk.
  • Various brush heads- Whether it’s the floss head (my favorite), the whitening head, the orthopedic head, the sensitive head, or various others you’re sure to find a brush head that is comfortable for you.  The floss action, sensitive, and precision clean heads are included.

Stuff I’m so-so on:

  • The price of the refill heads- At $22 for 3 they are a bit on the spendy side.
  • The charging light is crazy bright and it blinks all night.  This isn’t a big deal if you don’t charge your brush at night (it lasts 10 days) or if your bathroom isn’t open into your bedroom at night.  I put a piece of black electric tape over the charging light on mine.

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